Apex Legends Update Fixes Annoying 'Whoosh' Sounds from Heat Shields

Apex Legends Update Fixes Annoying ‘Whoosh’ Sounds from Heat Shields

Apex Legends Update Fixes Annoying 'Whoosh' Sounds from Heat Shields

Apex Legends Update Fixes Annoying ‘Whoosh’ Sounds from Heat Shields

Respawn has released an update today, which has fixed the”whoosh” noises that Apex Legends players may hear throughout games, mainly at the Ring Fury LTM. The sound bug was due to gamers walking throughout the bubble of this new Heat Shield thing, which made a loud noise that apparently everyone else at the game could listen to.

The newest Heat Shield survival thing was inserted as a member of this Chaos Theory set event, alongside the escalating Ring Fury LTM. While Ring Fury hasn’t been received as various other LTMs, the previous Locked and Loaded LTM obtained lots of positive comments, and gamers calling for its own ruleset to become the default option in Apex Legends.

The HeatShield audio insect was evident at the Ring Fury LTM because all players begin with two Heat Shields within their survival stock slots for each game to aid against the danger of these ring flares. Apex Legends players chose to Reddit to inquire about the noise and recognized this is a game-wide insect impacting players. Shortly after, many gamers began saying that it made the game unplayable, such as notable Apex Legends professional gamers and streamers, for example, LuluLuvely and Nokokopuffs.

Issues persisted at the Ranked playlist also, finally resulting in Heat Shields being eliminated from the manner until further notice. Apex Legends game manager Chad Grenier previewed the patch notes for the hotfix on Twitter, revealing players who many different issues, like issues with Loba’s bracelet along with a few missing Legend skin flaws, would likewise be piled in the hotfix that went life earlier today.

It would appear that the Apex Legends community has been whipped into a frenzy for the incredibly annoying bug. Now that Season 8 has been going for more than a month, players are beginning to get tired of Kings Canyon despite its own growth. The Ring Fury LTM has seemingly been a little breaking point for several gamers. It has just exacerbated some of the existing problems with Apex Legends, particularly that it eliminated Olympus in the map, turning and leaves players with Ranked play since the sole choice.

While Respawn’s quick reaction to match difficulties and transparency with all the neighborhood was outstanding to see regarding equilibrium upgrades, many gamers continue to be unhappy with modifications introduced in Season 8 and the Chaos Theory occasion. Having a brand new Ranked split coming shortly, this time including Olympus also teases for Season 9 coming from programmers; Apex Legends players should be in a position to quickly forget about the temptations of Ring Fury when it leaves.

Apex Legends Update Fixes Annoying ‘Whoosh’ Sounds from Heat Shields
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